1.1 The Executive Committee may suspend Officers and members by a two-thirds vote.

1.2 Suspension shall last for a period of one (1) year, at which point the member shall be reinstated. Suspended members may appeal their suspension to the Executive Committee within thirty (30) days. The Executive Committee may reinstate a suspended member by a two-thirds vote.

1.3 A Member shall be removed for any of the following:

1.3.1 Publicly renouncing the Libertarian Pledge.

1.3.2 Registering to vote with no party affiliation or as a political party other than the Libertarian Party.

1.3.3 Self­-representing, voting or otherwise participating as a member of a political party other than the Libertarian Party.

1.3.4 Publicly or financially supporting any candidate who is not an Okaloosa County Libertarian with a constituency in Okaloosa County in a nonpartisan election (excluding judicial elections) who is running against a candidate who is an Okaloosa County Libertarian endorsed by the Okaloosa County Executive Committee.

1.3.5 Publicly or financially supporting any non-Libertarian candidate with a constituency in Okaloosa County in a partisan election who is running against a Libertarian candidate endorsed by the Okaloosa County Executive Committee.

1.3.6 A Executive Committee Member shall be considered ipso facto resigned upon being disqualified for membership or being absent from three (3) consecutive Regular Meetings without being excused by the Okaloosa County Executive Committee.

1.3.7 The Okaloosa County Executive Committee must not remove any Member for any other action that is both peaceful and honest.


2.1 Election

2.1.1 Members of the Executive Committee will be elected at the annual election meeting for a term of one year.

2.1.2 The term begins at the close of the election meeting and ends at the adjournment of the next election meeting.

2.1.3 A simple plurality is required for the election and a tie will result in a re-vote.

2.1.4 None of the above is an option and will invalidate all existing nominations and require new floor nominations for the office.

2.2 Nominating Procedures

2.2.1 Nominees may be recommended at the general meeting immediately preceding the annual election meeting to ensure proper vetting of the nominees at the time of the vote.

2.3 Vacancies

2.3.1 The Chairperson of the Executive Committee shall fill vacancies by appointment until elections are held. Said appointments are subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

2.3.2 If the Chairperson seat is vacant, the Vice-Chair will fill the Chairperson seat until elections are held.

2.3.3 If the Chairperson and Vice-Chair seats are vacant, the Secretary will fill the Chairperson seat until elections are held.

2.3.4 If the Chairperson, Vice-Chair, and Secretary seats are vacant, the Treasurer will fill the Chairperson seat until elections are held.

2.4 Duties

2.4.1 The Chairperson shall

-Preside over all meetings;

-Be the official spokesperson for the LPOC;

-Ensure all requisite reports are filed.

2.4.2 The Vice-Chairperson shall

-Assist other Officers in all duties;

-Ensure that obligations are met among committees;

-Assume the duties of absent or vacant Officers.

2.4.3 The Secretary shall

-Prepare a draft agenda seven (7) days prior to each meeting and a final agenda three (3) days prior to each meeting;

-Publish draft meeting minutes three (3) days prior to the next regular business meeting;

-Maintain all membership records;

-Validate qualifications for Officers, Members and Okaloosa County Libertarians;

-Prepare all reports required by law, excluding financial reports.

2.4.4 The Treasurer shall

-Collect and maintain funds;

-Keep records of all finances;

-File financial reports and disclosures;

-May spend an amount up to $20 between each business meeting without a vote of the Executive Committee, with the approval of the Chair, but must report any expenditures incurred at the next regular business meeting.

2.5 Meetings of the Executive Committee

2.5.1 The powers and duties of the Executive Committee are prescribed by the Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules, and by the direction of the General Membership.

2.5.2 The Executive Committee members shall meet as prescribed in the Constitution.

2.5.3 A quorum of the Executive Committee shall be one-half the members of the Committee.

2.6 Unable to form a quorum/non-scheduled elections

2.6.1 In the event the Executive Committee is unable to form a quorum for two (2) consecutive meetings, remaining members of the Executive Committee, or volunteers from the general membership, shall have the right to advertise and stage new elections within sixty (60) days of the date the quorum became ineffective.

2.6.2 All Executive Committee members shall undergo elections, including those who are still active.

2.6.3 If the date the quorum became ineffective is within six (6) months of the date of scheduled elections, the term of the elected officers will extend to a maximum of two (2) years and six (6) months.

2.6.4 If the date the quorum became ineffective is less than six (6) months from the date of scheduled elections, the officers shall campaign for reelection at the scheduled time.

Libertarian Party of Okaloosa County

2.6.5 Every reasonable means will be used to notify the General membership fifteen (15) days in advance of the non-scheduled election.


3.1 Agenda

3.1.1 The Executive Committee shall set the agenda and business of the LPOC meetings.

3.1.2 The order of business must include the adoption of the agenda. The meeting may amend the agenda by majority vote.

3.2 General

3.2.1 The most current Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the Parliamentary authority for all matters not covered by the Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules.

3.3 Finance and Accounting

3.3.1 The fiscal year of the LPOC is the calendar year.

3.3.2 The Treasurer shall be the Chief Financial Officer.

3.3.3 The Executive Committee shall cause an efficient system of accounting and budgeting to be installed and maintained, including audit and legal requirements. All expenditures exceeding $20 shall be made by check.

3.3.4 The Executive Committee shall have the power to delegate power in the handling of funds.

3.3.5 Cash donations to the LPOC will be accepted only if two officers of the Executive Committee, either Executive Committee Officers or specific fundraising appointees, are present to make a record of the transaction and provide receipt.


4.1 Adoption of the Bylaws shall be consistent with the adoption of the Constitution.

4.2 Amendments to the Bylaws may be made through a written recommendation submitted to the Secretary no later than thirty (30) days prior to the annual Business Meeting and is approved by a two-thirds vote of the quorum, cast in accordance with established rules.

4.3 No change in the rules of the Executive Committee may have the effect of imposing a head tax on the membership.

4.4 No change in the founding documents by the Executive Committee shall have the effect of disenfranchising a member.

4.5 No change in the founding documents shall deny the autonomy of the individual member, except as provided in the Constitution and Bylaws.